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    (i think my blog might turn into a reference section more than a blog.. go w/ it)

    On this trhead, a really good question came up:

    This got me thinking about it a bit more.  Over the years I've found the below "equation" to work pretty good for me:

    1" of livestock (fish, coral, inverts, anything living) per 1gal actual system water.

    There are special situations where the 1" is too small (aggressive fish, or fish that need more space.. just add an inch or two.  Also, you should calculate on known max size of your livestock, not current).

    coraline counts too! (i add it all up and divide by 2).  

    This also assumes the old addage lbs liverock/sand to working gals.


    I know I know, too "engineer-ish,"  but think about it... 230 system gals.  add up all your coral (yes, gsp counts), then add up your fish, shrimp, snails, crabs.  

    In "skimmer land" :

    115"(50%) to 188"(75%),this is a "light load."  

    188"(75%) -  230"(100%) this is average

    230"(100%) - 375"(150%) this is average-high range

    375"+(150%) heavy load. 

    This also gives you a calculated "capacity" percentage, if you need it.

    obviously... i'll  update this as time goes on and w/ some feedback!

  1. Things seem to be going my way as of late in my new found aquaria hobby. 

    I've been able to keep my water levels good in the tank and everything seems to be prospering and on top of that I've been finding some good deals on some sweet corals through checking up my LFS and by making friends via these forums. Just tonight I was able to score a sweet green zoa, which I have dubbed the greene geek zoa after a close friend of mine, as well as a pretty amazing Jedi Mind Trick monti frag from someone I met on the forums. 

    I also had a friend of mine, who has been doing aquariums for quite a while, take a look over my tank and he said everything was looking top notch! It's just super fulfilling to see something I've been putting quite a bit of work in over the last month or so yielding such good results. That being said, I know my luck can't last forever and eventually something nuts will happen in my tank, but that's just how it goes and I'm prepared for the downs as much as I am the ups. 

    Tonight I also finally got around to paying my dues to become a premium member, as I'm super interested to hear what Jake and Co have to say at the upcoming Q1 meetings. I've gotten to know Jake and his crew fairly well over the last month and a half or so as they are my LFS and I'm always in there looking at stuff and asking questions.

    So that's it for right now, I hope to see some of you and make some new friends at the Q1 Meeting!

    Had to share pics of my new corals from tonight!!!!

    IMG_2295 2.JPGIMG_2296 2.JPG

  2. Sept 13, 2012

    I've had my 90g tank for just over 3 years. Though I've loved it, and loved having it set up as a peninsula tank between my living room and breakfast nook, there have been some things I haven't liked about it.

    I custom built the stand for it and always expected to have a matching 2' wide X 7' tall accessory cabinet to go along with the tank to hold all my reefing equipment/tools/controllers/etc. So we left a 2' gap between the tank and the wall. Focus on the tank took priority over woodworking, and then a family heirloom 2' butcher block table ended up filling that gap. It's constantly cluttered with reef equipment, food, wires, and salt overspray. I credit the abuse the table is taking with my wife okaying me to upgrade the 90g to my new 226g, as long as "we can rescue the butcher block and not have a gap between the tank and the wall" she said. That gave me plenty of room to play.

    So our new story begins...

    I was able to pick up a great custom aquarium stand from a member here. It's solid oak, 7' x 2' x 36" tall.

    - read the original post 226g Build Thread